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Democrats Urge Obama to Pardon 750,000 Illegal Immigrants Before Trump Takes Power

House Democrats are pushing President Obama to pardon illegal immigrants temporarily protected from deportation by a 2012 executive order.

Under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, approximately 750,000 young illegal immigrants were granted Social Security cards and work permits to appease the Left’s demands for amnesty.

Prior to receiving de facto legal status from the Obama administration, these immigrants, primarily from Mexico and Latin America, were asked to provide personal information, including relatives’ addresses and fingerprints.

Now, Democrats are worried that the next Trump administration will use the power and information available to the chief executive to deport some of whom the Left calls “Dreamers.”

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), along with a handful of pro-amnesty Democratic colleagues in the House, sent the letter Thursday demanding that President Obama confer legal status on nearly three-quarters of a million people.

“By no fault of their own, these Americans are prisoners in their own country, living their daily lives, not knowing if they will be deported to another country,” stated Roybal-Allard, ignoring federal immigration law in an overt emotional appeal.

Despite President Obama’s legacy of unilateral action, the White House responded by admitting the obvious: the executive branch simply does not possess the power to legalize an “undocumented” immigrant, let alone 750,000 of them.

The administration is also painfully aware that what is given with executive power, can be taken away with executive power. President Trump can lift Obama’s temporary protection on illegal immigrants with an executive order of his own.

Trump’s hardline anti-illegal immigrant stance places President Obama “Dreamers” in a precarious state of flux. As the president-elect, backed by a new Attorney General, immigration hawk Jeff Sessions, it’s unclear what will come of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants granted temporary legal status.

While Trump has wavered on his plan to establish a “deportation force,” the real estate mogul was elected with a mandate to control illegal immigration and keep the border secure. Only time will tell whether he will follow through with his tough campaign promises.