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Democrats Turn Trump Speech Into Celebration of Illegal Immigration
President Trump will motorcade the 16 short blocks from the White House to the Capitol tonight for his big speech to a joint session of Congress, but Democrats will be a million miles away in a different galaxy.
As Trump prepares to what amounts to his first State of the Union, Democrats plan to turn the evening into a celebration of illegal immigration.
For each such event, lawmakers are given a few tickets a piece for invited guests, who sit in the upper gallery of the large chamber. While the tickets are usually used for important people from a lawmaker’s district — or a prominent fundraiser or friend — this year several Democrats are using their tickets in a different way.
Dozens of Democrats plan to give their tickets to families of illegal immigrants, young illegals known as DREAMers, and others prevented from illegally entering the country under Trump’s temporary immigration order. So, instead of hometown Americans in the public gallery for the president’s speech, Democratic lawmakers will fill the seats with illegal aliens — just to make a point.
Rep. Mike Quigley, Illinois Democrat, got downright preachy about what Democrats are trying to do. “We’re trying to not just tell the president, but we’re trying to tell the country, apparently tolerance and justice issues require ongoing lessons.”
Quigley’s invited guests include a “dreamer,” an illegal alien brought to America as a minor. Reps. Jerry Nadler, Jared Polis and Mark Pocan are also bringing illegals.
So just to make the irony clear, Trump, whose historic win gave voice to the unheard masses of Americans, will be in Congress to celebrate America, offer his plans plans for the future and try to encapsulate the dreams of ordinary Americans. Democrats, meanwhile, will surround themselves with illegal aliens who cost taxpayers billions and who take away American jobs.
Yup, sounds about right.