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Democrats Chicken Out, Vote ‘Present’ On ICE Resolution

By  Emily Zanotti

The “progressive” blue wave became little more than a trickle in Congress Wednesday, as Democrats, faced with an opportunity to express a lack of faith in Immigration and Customs Enforcement, chickened out. On a resolution reaffirming the importance of ICE, only 18 Democrats voted to deny ICE their good faith.

The rest voted either “yes,” or worse, “present.”

The Washington Examiner reports that “[t]he House passed a nonbinding resolution saying lawmakers support the ‘officers and personnel who carry out the important mission of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.’ A two-thirds majority was needed to pass it, and because Democrats voted “present” instead of “no,” it passed easily in a 244-35 vote.”

Earlier in the week, a handful of progressive Democrats proposed an actual “abolish ICE” bill, but more moderate Democrats intervened, telling Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that they’d most certainly vote “no” on the measure if it was brought to the floor. Clearly feeling sympathy, Ryan obeyed their command and instead brought a resolution in favor of ICE to the floor late Wednesday evening.

The “nos” are a predictable potpourri of socialist-leaning Democrats like Rep. Luis Guiterrez and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (both Illinois Democrats) not in danger of losing their seats, and one lone libertarian Republican, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan.

No members of the GOP voted with the 133-member “present” caucus.

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