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Dem Congressman Seemingly Calls For Military Coup Against Trump

On Monday, after President Trump’s inflammatory remarks concerning the U.S. intelligence community, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) seemingly called for a military coup to overthrow Trump:

Cohen is the same man who stated that FBI agent Peter Strzok should be awarded the Purple Heart.

Cohen has made his feelings quite clear when it comes to President Trump; Speaking with MSNBC in January, Cohen snapped, “Donald Trump is the most despicable human being to ever reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … a narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change. It endangers the country. And war … is something he could get into to improve the rating for the [20]18 elections, where [Republicans] are in desperate shape. And will do anything to improve ratings.”

Cohen does seem to pick and choose when it comes to Communist countries; he has had no problem with Communist Cuba as he was a longtime advocate of normalizing relations with Cuba. He joined former Secretary of State John Kerry when the Obama Administration formally reopened the American embassy in Havana, then later accompanied Barack Obama when he visited Havana.

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