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David Hogg’s Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws

The March for Our Lives may have been the Parkland activist students’ magnum opus, but they are by no means done agitating for leftist policies. The only relevant legislation on the horizon, the STOP School Violence Act, passed without their support, and there are few gun regulations likely to pass.

So, at least one Parkland student is seeking to expand his policy agenda; David Hogg is battling voter ID laws.

That’s right: he may believe you should have photo identification in order to exercise your Second Amendment rights, but is iffy on whether you should have similar paperwork to cast a ballot.

Hogg’s statement appeared to come out of nowhere. The linked article is an ACLU fact sheet, not a new blog post, or a relevant news story. Hogg simply interrupted his regularly scheduled anti-gun programming to bring you a message from your betters: asking people who already have access to the means to acquire picture identification to show that identification in order to protect the electoral process is a problem.

After social media users suggested that voter ID laws help to safeguard elections, Hogg was forced to backtrack.

Hogg was silent once confronted with the idea that burdensome identification and background check requirements might serve to unfairly prevent Americans from exercising other Constitutionally protected rights.

Contrary to the stated purpose of Saturday’s March for Our Lives — “preventing gun violence” — the objective appears to be the widespread promotion of a severely leftist agenda, and not just on guns.