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Dan Crenshaw Shreds Ocasio-Cortez Over Her Antics On The Border

By  Ryan Saavedra

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX) slammed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday for her behavior while visiting a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) immigrant detention facility and for her deception as to what she is really trying to do to America’s borders.

Crenshaw appeared on Fox News with host Martha MacCallum to discuss recent unsubstantiated claims that Ocasio-Cortez has made including that CBP officers were telling detained women during her visit of the facility that they had to drink water from the toilet if they were thirsty.

“She’s getting bolder with her lies on this,” Crenshaw began. “People like AOC are operating off of a false premise and deliberately designed to misinform the American people for her own political ends. Remember, first there was no crisis at all. Then it was a manufactured crisis. Then it was a crisis completely created by Trump. Then there were concentration camps. Then people are Nazis.”

“Now she is saying that Border Patrol agents harassed her and forced migrants to drink out of toilets? This is insanity. This is not true,” Crenshaw said. “There is no one else corroborating these kinds of reports and yet she is using it to try and make her case that we shouldn’t have any enforcement and that we should have open borders. This is really dishonest behavior from a member of Congress and I honestly can’t believe it.”

“Let’s not forget, they fought us tooth and nail against that $4.5 million of humanitarian aid that the president needed, that DHS needed, that HHS needed, in order to better conditions at these facilities,” Crenshaw continued. “They fought us for months on this. They said there was no crisis. We asked for a vote in the House 17 times. They refused to do it. … AOC talks about these things, I don’t see them offering up any space in their own homes. They are not offering a better solution. They are not saying, ‘why don’t we put them all up at a hotel.'”

“What they really want is no enforcement, this is the crux of it. They don’t talk about what the actual problem is which is tens of thousands of people coming across and overwhelming our system,” Crenshaw added. “And then they have to answer the question, should we have a system at all? And they say no. Well what is the point of even having a border? Why even have custom agents at airports if we are not going to enforce any kind of management over who comes in and out of our country? They don’t want to answer these tough questions because in the end they want open borders.”

Ocasio-Cortez voted against multi-billion dollar humanitarian bills from both Democrats and Republicans to help address the problems on the southern border. When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper in a recent interview if she was depriving kids of housing facilities that they need by voting against both bills, Ocasio-Cortez responded by saying that she voted against both bills because she “needed to send a message.”


Ocasio-Cortez’ claims were widely contested on Monday, with multiple CBP officials telling reporters that Ocasio-Cortez acted inappropriately during her visit to the facility and that she was lying about what was going on inside the facility.

Washington Examiner border reporter Anna Giaritelli tweeted: “SCOOP: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., screamed at federal law enforcement agents “in a threatening manner” during a visit to a U.S. Border Patrol facility in El Paso, Texas, Monday afternoon and refused to tour the facility, according to two people who witnessed it.”

“13 other House Democrats as well as their aides were in the room. I’m told only Rep. Ocasio-Cortez reacted in this manner,” Giaritelli added.

“She comes out screaming at our agents, right at the beginning [of the tour] … Crying and screaming and yelling,” a witness said. “The agents, they wanted to respond, but they held back because she’s a congressional delegate. But when you have someone yelling at you in a threatening manner.”

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