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Dallas Police Department Fires Cop Who Shot Neighbor

By  Emily Zanotti

The Dallas Police Department announced Monday that it has fired Amber Guyger, a white, female police officer accused of shooting and killing her black neighbor, Botham Jean, after allegedly mistaking his apartment for her own.

The Associated Press reports that Dallas has let Guyger go, citing the allegations against her, following an internal investigation into Guyger’s behavior. The Dallas Police Department did not release details of its deliberations.

Guyger was arrested last week on manslaughter charges, weeks after she shot Jean in his own apartment. Guyger told officers at the scene that she’d gotten off on the wrong floor of her apartment building by mistake, and believed Jean to be an intruder. After what police are calling an “interaction,” Guyger shot Jean, killing him.

Reports indicate that Guyger realized she was in the wrong apartment only after calling 911 to report the altercation.

Guyger had been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the DPD investigation. Her trial on manslaughter charges is expected to start next month.

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