Daily Wire Co-CEO Reveals Secret Cancel Blitz Against Matt Walsh, Brett Cooper, Michael Knowles
Matt Walsh, Brett Cooper, Jeremy Boreing, and Michael Knowles

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing shot back at Big Tech and the Left Wednesday, revealing an onslaught of cancellation campaigns targeting Daily Wire hosts Matt Walsh, Brett Cooper, and Michael Knowles.

Boreing called out tech giants YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok for “capricious” fact-checks, demonetizations, and bans against the Daily Wire hosts. He also revealed that software companies HubSpot and JW Player have abruptly canceled service with his company from their platforms, as event management site Eventbrite did previously. Boreing’s thread also comes after Walsh’s Twitter and email accounts were hacked Tuesday night.

“You may be aware that Matt Walsh had his Twitter account hacked last night. What you may not know is that the attack went well beyond Twitter,” Boreing said. “The hackers have managed to gain access to, well, everything, including twenty years of Matt’s emails.”

“What scandalous information will the hackers find in Matt’s email?” he asked. “I do not know. I’m sure I said things in my twenties that I wouldn’t feel great having aired publicly. What will The Daily Wire’s response be to things 20-year-old Matt may have said? LOL.” 

“This hack, as terrible and invasive as it is, is just another day at the office for us. Here is a brief look at just the last 48 hours at The Daily Wire,” Boreing said. 

“First, Matt Walsh was demonetized on YouTube for violating some opaque, arbitrarily applied standard or another related to speaking the biological truth about Dylan Mulvaney,” Boreing continued. “I can’t be more specific because the capriciousness is the point for these platforms. Just 24 hours later, Brett Cooper was PERMANENTLY BANNED from TikTok. Her crime? I don’t know, because, again, the capriciousness is the point.”

“At the exact moment Matt Walsh was being hacked by criminals, Michael Knowles was being evacuated from the University of Pittsburgh because of a violent riot protesting his speech in which trans activists and sundry other leftists BURNED MICHAEL IN EFFIGY and tussled with police,” the Daily Wire co-CEO added. “That’s just the last 48 hours, and that’s in addition to all of the usual death threats, harassment, and corporate targeting that are our daily companions at The Daily Wire.”

“Do assholes on the Right make death threats against, say, AOC? Sure. And damn them for it. The difference for us is that virtually every institution in public life agrees we should be removed and silenced.”

Boreing then revealed how Big Tech is censoring content from The Daily Wire.

“Tech giants like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and — until Elon Musk wrote a check — Twitter, flagging, banning, throttling, shadow banning, and demonetizing us is a constant occurrence,” he said. “We’re continually fact checked. Almost all of the fact checks are removed on appeal, btw, but not before they have the desired effect of stunting our reach and effectiveness and making it impossible to earn revenue. Billionaire-funded non-profits like Media Matters pay people to post out-of-context clips from our shows and to pressure advertisers not to spend money with us.”


Boreing then ripped into the policies social media giants use to censor political content. 

“The entire advertising industry creates bogus, euphemistic policies to ‘protect brand safety’ by discouraging advertising on shows with ‘controversial political opinions,’” he said. “BTW: If you’re openly pro-choice, that’s not a controversial political opinion that could compromise brand safety. If you’re pro-life, that is. This means we don’t get any so-called brand advertisers – the ones who pay almost double.”

Left-wing companies never face these multi-faceted attacks, he said.

“Think about that. If we were on the Left, and all of our positions were CERTIFIED BRAND SAFE!, we would make almost twice as much money. Twice as much to pay staff, healthcare, rent, marketing, growth…” Boreing continued.

“The advertisers we do get – the ones who believe Americans who think what every American thought five seconds ago still deserve good products – have to be brave enough to stand up against all of the organized pressure that comes their way. All this while also dealing with organizations like HubSpot, JW Player, Eventbrite, and many other backend infrastructure companies who take our money and then decide we don’t deserve to use their services and kick us off their platforms.”


“Why do they hate us?” Boreing asked. “Well, because we’re free. We’re one of the last truly independent media companies. The majority and controlling interest in this company is held by Ben Shapiro, Caleb Robinson, and me. No one can tell us what to publish, what to say, what to do. No investor or board of directors can maneuver us into acquiescing to their demands or expressing their values. We only express our own.”

“And we’re smart. We don’t let the machinations of the left force our hand.” 

The Daily Wire god-king promised that he won’t give into the Left’s demands. 

“YouTube wants to keep Matt Walsh from being able to monetize because they know it will drastically stunt his growth and make his content far less viral. They expect us to throw a fit and play right into their hands. We won’t,” he said.

“We’ll play smart. We’ll continue to say what we believe, but we won’t let them minimize us and bar our access to two billion potential users. We’re not in it for catharsis; we’re in it for victory,” Boreing continued. “And, of course, we’ll leverage our influence to hold YouTube, TikTok, and all the rest accountable. We’ll press our claims in court, through government, and with the public. We won’t make it easy for them to make us less successful and less effective. Nope.”

Boreing said that Big Tech companies target The Daily Wire because it’s a conservative company that is succeeding in a space leftists want all for themselves. 

“And that’s what they hate the most: not only do we say what we believe, not only do we find a way to continue to succeed on their platforms, but we win,” he said.

“The Daily Wire and Ben Shapiro sue the Biden Admin to stop the OSHA Vax Mandate, and win. Matt Walsh works to change laws around the mutilation of children, and he wins. We launch new companies like Jeremy’s Razors to compete with the woke hegemony, and we win,” Boreing said.

“That’s what keeps us fighting. We believe success is possible. Not promised, not easy. Possible. We believe we can preserve our values for another generation. And we’re having a damn good time doing it,” he added. 

“Hell, I’m looking forward to pressing charges on the Walsh hackers!” 

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