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Crowder Slams Antifa, Alt-Right

In the wake of the violent events in Charlottesville, Steven Crowder released a video in which he likened the alt-right to Antifa, and triggered an avalanche of insults and abuse from white nationalists furious at the comparison.

Crowder started by noting the Left’s absurdity in lumping together various groups as though white nationalists and white supremacists should be considered conservatives, noting they mixed conservative Christians, conservatives, the Republican Party, the alt-right, white nationalists, white supremacists, and Nazis into one homogenous group.

He joked about those on the Left who have attacked him, “I’ve been called a Nazi, and by those same people I’ve been called a filthy Jew.” (Crowder is not Jewish and not by any stretch of the imagination a Nazi.)

Then Crowder got down to business. He said of the alt-right, “They are much more similar to Antifa than they want to acknowledge.” He continued, “The rest of America is caught in the crossfire … by the way, let’s make sure that both groups are completely disassociated from conservatives and then, separate from conservatives, even President Donald Trump.”

Crowder then listed the ways in which the alt-right and Antifa are alike:

  1. “They have no regard for law and the Constitution.” He added that neither group believes in peaceful assembly, that they believe in mob rule. Crowder pointed out that Antifa does not believe in free speech and the First Amendment; after Antifa accused others of being Nazis when they rioted in Berkeley, when real Nazis showed up in Charlottesville people didn’t want to listen to Antifa because they were like the “little boy who cried Nazis” before. He then turned to the white supremacists, who obviously don’t believe in American principles because they don’t believe all people are created equal, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.
  2. “Both promote identity politics and play the race card.” Crowder noted that Antifa relies on privilege checking, safe spaces, forced social reengineering, mandatory sensitivity programs in schools and claims of systemic racism; white nationalists use the race card and also claim that they are victims.
  3. “Both support big government/liberal policies.” This works well with each group’s desire to play victim; Antifa’s desire for reparations, higher taxes, subsidies, affirmative action, and bailouts; white nationalists want social reengineering, and class organization. Both groups want a nationalized health care plan.
  4. They both hate Jews; they both want to eradicate Israel.

Comments below the video were rife with fury from those from the alt-right.

Video below: