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Credibility Crisis: After Beheading ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ Trump, CNN Caught Staging Protest (And LYING)

CNN already has a huge ratings problem. Even with the implosion of Fox News and the ongoing insanity over at MSNBC, CNN has actually lost ground, dropping last month from second to last place. Moreover, even during news weeks as heavy as last week, CNN can’t manage to scrape together even a million total viewers. Throughout all of last month, not a single CNN show — not one! — cracked the top 10 (the top 19, actually).

And this is the shape CNN was in before the left-wing cable news network’s latest credibility implosion — what might be the worst week in the sordid history of The Hitler Network.

Things started out impossibly awful when one of the left-wing network’s big stars, Kathy Griffin, staged a fake beheading of President Trump. Believe it or not, things actually went downhill from there. Within a few days CNN host Reza Aslan would publicly attack Trump as a “piece of shit” (and then lie about it). Less than 24 hours later, a five alarm credibility-calamity hit when video was released of CNN caught red-handed staging a protest for its cameras (and then CNN lied about it).

What in the world is going on over there?

The Kathy Griffin scandal could have been a Big Win for CNN. All the network had to do was, you know, The Right Thing — which was to fire her immediately. Instead, as the Internet raged, CNN waited and waited and waited … CNN didn’t want to fire their own left-wing Trump-hater. CNN loves all Trump-haters, considers them family. And CNN really, really, really loves anything that might inspire someone to assassinate Trump. So it was only after a big advertiser said it was canceling its ads that the network finally made what should have been the easiest call in history.

Imagine the debate that raged over there …

Should we cut ties with our employee who staged an ISIS-style beheading of the president?

Obama!?! Of course we should fire her!

No, Trump is the president now.

Stop saying that!

Fine. But we still have to make a decision.

I want my Barry. I want my Barry!

Mr. Zucker, we have to make a call one way or the —


Just when that scandal began to recede, another CNN star, weekly host (and resident cannibal) Reza Aslan lashed out at Trump for pushing his temporary travel ban. “This piece of sh*t is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency,” Aslan tweeted Saturday night, “He’s an embarrassment to humankind.”

It took around 24 hours before Aslan deleted the tweet, but in doing so, the CNN star told a bald-faced lie, “I lost my cool and responded to [Trump] in a derogatory fashion. That’s not like me.”

Uhm, dude, that is exactly like you …

Twitchy did the yeoman’s work of outing yet-another CNN star as a serial liar:

Read ’em all … Vile tweets from Aslan directed at pretty much everyone on the right, and this is not even the first time the cannibal has called Trump a “piece of shit.” (It’s also not the worst of his tweets; he once “wished’ that a Republican congressman would get “raped.” Seriously.)

And then things got really bad for CNN when the video below was released of the left-wing network’s international branch staging a protest of a handful of London Muslims standing up to ISIS.

For his part, CNN’s left-wing media reporter Brian Stelter attempted to Orwell away his network clearly manufacturing news, by dismissing it as a right-wing thing and doing what CNN always does — blaming the cops:

First off, CNN is supposed to go where the news is. Not allow the news to come to them.

Secondly, Stelter doesn’t address (because he simply can’t) the CNN reporter, along with the behind-scenes-crew, all of whom are clearly seen stage-managing how and where the protesters stood.

This is not reporting or capturing news; this is CNN caught on video manufacturing a cherished narrative for maximum on-camera effect.

When Jake Tapper is busted licking Al Gore’s boots and that news is the least of CNN’s credibility scandals, you know Adolf had another very bad, no good week.

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