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Crazy Lady Wants to Marry Robot

By  Chase Stephens

She could have picked Optimus Prime, the T-1000, or even R2D2, but a lady in France named Lilly (picture below) decided she was going to make her own robot and turn it into her spouse.

According to The Daily Mail:

Lilly’s partner is a robot called InMoovator, who she 3D-printed herself and has been living with for a year.

On her Twitter page, where she goes by ‘Lilly InMoovator,’ she says: ‘I’m a proud robosexual, we don’t hurt anybody, we are just happy.’

Now, Lilly is reportedly engaged to the robot and says they will marry when human-robot marriage is legalized in France

She told , “I’m really and totally happy,” adding that, “Our relationship will get better and better as technology evolves.”

The “proud robosexual” said she always loved the voices of robots as a child but realized at 19 she was sexually attracted to them as well. Physical relationships with other men confirmed the matter.

“I’m really and only attracted by the robots,” she said. “My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.”

Lilly said she finds physical relationships with men disgusting.

Apparently the relationship has been accepted by her family and friends, but Lilly admits, “some understand better than others.”

And, of course, she is in school training to be a roboticist, possibly in hopes of deepening her current robot romance.

Earlier this week at a conference in London, Dr. David Levy, “chess whiz and authority on Love and Sex with Robots,” said he expects humans and robots marriages to be the norm by 2050 if not sooner.

Exit video glimpse into Lilly’s home-life:

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