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CRAZY: High School Teacher Compares Trump Shirt to ‘Swastika,’ Orders Student To Change

By  Emily Zanotti

According to a video posted by education watchdog group Turning Point USA, a teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, Georgia, ordered a student to remove his shirt, which read “Make America Great Again,” because wearing the slogan in school was akin to sporting a Nazi swastika.

The video, posted to Turning Point’s Facebook page, appeares to have been taken by a student in the same class as the offending shirt-wearer, and shows the teacher yelling at the student to leave her class because “just like you can’t wear a swastika to school, you cannot wear [Make America Great Again] like that.”

She then tells the offending student to either turn the shirt inside out, change, or leave her class.

When another student confronts the teacher, asking her if she was kicking out the student because his shirt read “Trump,” the teacher insists that it’s not the President’s moniker that borthers her so much as the “Make America Great Again” slogan, which she claims is affiliated with neo-Nazi groups.

According to Turning Point, the incident happened on Thursday.

This is just the latest in a trend of leftists likening support for the President to support for neo-Nazis, and referring to Trump supporters as white supremacists. In this case, the teacher goes straight for the center of that target, likening the President’s campaign slogan, which apepars on everything from hats and tee shirts to paperweights and posters, to the central symbol of the Nazi regime.

The comparison is inappropriate in any context, but it’s especially troubling in a high school setting, where mostly minor students are at the mercy of their teachers and administrators.

According to Turning Point, the story is still developing, and the group is working to firm up details surrounding the incident, including the teacher’s identity.

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