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COURAGE: Single Brave Protester Defies Castro, Sprints With American Flag In Front Of Thousands As May Day March Begins

Even in communist-repressed Cuba, a single ray of the light of freedom can shine for a moment before it is extinguished by the Cuban government.

Just as the government-controlled May Day march celebrating communism was about to start in Havana, one lone intrepid protester, having broken through security, which included government agents along the length of the parade, sprinted in front of the parade holding the American flag aloft. He stayed ahead of two security agents until he was swarmed by other officials because he tripped over his own feet. He was then tackled, lifted off the ground and carried away in front of Cuban dictator Raul Castro, as well as military and civilian leaders and foreign dignitaries.

Two of the guards shouted “Long live Raul!” and “Long live Fidel!” One guard struck the protester in the face.

In September 2015, members of the Santiago-based dissident group Patriotic Union of Cuba approached Pope Francis, crying out to him before they were arrested. Prior to the Pope’s visit, Nelis Rojas de Morales, secretary of the International Coordinator of Former Cuban Political Prisoners, sent a list of political prisoners to the Vatican. But Cardinal Ortega, who arranged the Pope’s visit, denied the existence of political prisoners in Cuba during two interviews with Spanish language media.

Hundreds of thousands of people participate in Havana’s May Day march, which is organized by the government’s state-run workplaces.

What will happen to the man is unknown, but if the past history of Raul Castro is any indication, it won’t be pretty. Castro and his brother Fidel were responsible for thousands of deaths; here’s a picture from over 50 years ago of Raul Castro helping a man with his blindfold moments before the man was executed:

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