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Coulter: Trump ‘Moving Money From One Swamp To Another’

On Tuesday, Ann Coulter, appearing on Sean Hannity’s radio program, erupted in anger at President Trump, the subject of her hagiography In Trump We Trust.

Coulter ranted:

Trump has gotta get off this stuff and he’s gotta get off tax cuts and get back to what got him elected. He wasn’t elected by Goldman Sachs; he got one percent of their vote. He wasn’t elected by the donor class; he spent less on television advertising, that’s what the cost is, than even Bernie Sanders did per vote. He doesn’t owe the donors; get back to the wall, get back to deportations; get back to the trade deals. This is beginning to look like every other Republican administration: massive spending on the military, which wastes $125 billion a year, according to a MacKenzie report. He’s moving money from one swamp to another. We don’t want war; we want more jobs, a wall and lots of deportations, not all of this stuff that is indistinguishable from the Jeb Bush administration.

Hannity replied, “All right, Ann Coulter, holding him accountable. That’s what we do on this program.”

Of course, tax cuts would definitely spur the recovery of the economy, prompting job growth, but Coulter was oblivious to that obvious fact in her eagerness to emulate Bernie Sanders-type of Wall Street bashing. As far as trade deals, if she means tariffs, that would damage the economy; if she means more crony capitalism such as the pressure on Carrier, then she’s indulging in fascist-type favoritism.

“All right, Ann Coulter, holding him accountable. That’s what we do on this program.”

Sean Hannity

Coulter’s call for Trump to return to nationalist populism exposes the growing rift with the conservative right.