Cosmetic Surgeon Performing Trans Surgeries Reportedly Posts Photo Of 15-Year-Old Girl With Breasts Removed
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A North Carolina cosmetic surgeon who posts photos of patients on whom she has performed radical surgeries to remove their breasts or genitalia reportedly posted a photo of a 15-year-old girl who had her breasts removed.

Dr. Hope Sherie, a “double board-certified surgeon with over two decades of experience and a gift for long-term client relationships,” according to her website, had formerly served as an Air Force surgeon. Sherie’s website includes “before” and “after” photos of clients who have had the radical surgeries and one photo allegedly showed a 15-year-old who underwent a double mastectomy.

“15-year-old male, 3 months after FTM Chest Reconstruction with Nipple Grafts Note: Patient requested straight incisions,” read the entry under the graphic image, which The Daily Wire is not publishing. The photo was removed from Sherie’s site after Libs of Tik Tok posted it.

Sherie boasts on her website of helping patients surgically alter their bodies to match their perceived gender.

“Everything I do is directed towards one clear objective – to help you achieve your health and beauty goals,” Sherie wrote on her website. “I understand the power of change and the freedom that comes from knowing you can choose to make changes in your body that feel more like you. I think everyone should be able to create an image which makes them feel comfortable, or inspired, or just seen for who you are.”

In a section titled “Transgender Surgery,” the website states, “At Cosmetic Concierge, we understand the need to bring out the ‘real’ you.”

Cosmetic Concierge did not respond to a Daily Wire inquiry into the photo of a 15-year-old reportedly posted on its website.

Scott Newgent, a biological female who underwent a surgical “transition” and was featured in The Daily Wire’s “What Is A Woman?” documentary, is a leading critic of radical transgender surgeries for children.

“Right now, we are taking children who do not fit in at a time when they are desperate to do so, and we are robbing these kids of the opportunity to find internal happiness,” Newgent said in an interview with Gender Dysphoria Alliance. “We are telling children … there is something wrong with you. If you just take this hormone blocker, or inject these synthetic cross-sex hormones, or chop off your otherwise healthy breasts, you will fit in.

“And if, ‘Oops,’ we are wrong and you are not trans, then don’t worry because it’s all reversible.”

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