Conservatives Eviscerate ‘Sanctuary’ Liberals Over Hypocrisy Of Expelling 50 Migrants

Martha's Vineyard sign

Oh the humanity hypocrisy!

Republican lawmakers and conservatives came out in force over the weekend to slam Massachusetts Democrats for the hypocrisy of declaring “sanctuary” cities across the state and then quickly booting 50 migrants out of Martha’s Vineyard.

The Republican governors of Texas and Florida last week sent migrants to the tiny island and the front yard of Vice President Kamala Harris’ official residence in Washington, D.C. — and liberals lost their minds. The White House went so far as to declare it all a “political stunt.”

But here’s the thing: President Joe Biden has been sending illegal immigrants — thousands and thousands — into states across the country, often at night.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) said the liberal outrage over the two governors’ move doesn’t match the “ghost flights” of often underage migrants sent by the Biden administration.

“Those are Biden administration, taxpayer-funded contracts with a number of NGOs [non-governmental organizations] that are flying these people in the dead of night to all of these same locations, then it’s fine,” Waltz told Fox News.

“But if you have Governor DeSantis or Governor Abbott or [Arizona] Governor Ducey doing it in the middle of the day when everyone can see it, then suddenly we’re up in arms and having a collective political meltdown,” he added.

“Either way, all of those services that American citizens and legal immigrants deserve are now being taxed by millions and millions and millions of people that we just can’t afford to feed and house and clothe,” the lawmaker said.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also jumped into the fray on Sunday, defending the Florida governor.

“National Guard sent to interdict 50 illegal immigrants who disturbed liberals’ golf games & Chardonnay at Martha’s Vineyard,” he wrote on Twitter. “Biden does NOTHING to address 4.2 MILLION illegal immigrants who have flooded small towns in Texas. Biden doesn’t care.”

“Last year, Martha Vineyard leadership said they’d love Martha’s Vineyard to be a ‘haven’ for immigrants,” Cruz tweeted. “But with just 50 illegal aliens, it just took 24 hour before they deported them out of the Vineyard!”

Cruz also called Biden “the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet.”

Others jumped in as well.

“Just 50 illegal immigrants entered Martha’s Vineyard, and within 48 hours the wealthy liberal residents rounded them up and shipped them off to a military base,” The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles tweeted.

“Any residents of Martha’s Vineyard who have a ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker on their car are hereby required to remove it,” said Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

But it was comedian Dave Smith who brought the whole thing full circle.

“The Martha’s Vineyard thing might be the best and clearest example of what so many of us have been talking about for years,” he wrote on Twitter. “The progressive elites advocate for policies that they never have to suffer the consequences of. And the one time they do, it ends quickly.”

“They are against building a wall but they live in gated communities. They are for gun control but they have armed security. They destroy public education but send their kids to elite private schools. They support mask mandates but only their servants wear them at their parties,” Smith wrote.

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