Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec Jokes After Brief Detainment At Globalist Gathering
Jack Posobiec is seen on set of "Candace" on September 20, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will air on Tuesday, September 21st
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Conservative journalist Jack Posobiec took his brief detention Monday by armed World Economic Forum (WEF) guards in stride, joking Tuesday about the incident in Davos, where he showed up to cover the globalist gathering.

Posobiec, a fierce critic of the WEF, changed his Twitter handle to “WEF Detainee Poso” after the incident, which his crew captured on video. In the footage, Posobiec is seen outside a Swiss restaurant as officers wearing WEF uniforms surround him and order him to stop filming.

“The minute they realized that it was becoming more of a thing, that more journalists were starting to take attention of what’s going on, they immediately ran back into their police vans and took off within, like, 30 seconds of their arriving,” he said.

“Got questioned by plainclothes, gave passports and press creds, nbd Later took break to charge equipment WEF Stasi unit rolls up out of nowhere with MP5s drawn Whole crew including myself frisked behind building,” Posobiec tweeted.

Posobiec later joked with one Twitter follower that what he missed most while in Switzerland was Wawa, the East Coast convenience store chain known for tasty fast food.

Posobiec, the senior editor at Human Events, recently led the Twitter charge to derail the Biden administration’s plan to start a “Disinformation Governance Board,” which he branded the “Ministry of Truth.” The White House scuttled the plan under relentless pressure from conservatives.

But Posobiec’s current focus is on the WEF, an annual gathering of the world’s top leaders from politics, business, and media. Conservative critics believe the event, led by WEF founder Klaus Schwab, is aimed at steering the world toward a uniform order that would undermine nations’ sovereignty. The forum openly advocates for what it calls “The Great Reset.”

Posobiec, a former Navy intelligence officer, told The Post Millennial the guards said he and his group looked “suspicious” because they were filming at the entrance.

“They said something vague about, ‘Well, you’ve been out here for a while,'” Posobiec said.

Officials also asked Posobiec about conservative organization Turning Point USA and wanted to see the crew’s footage in their van, Posobiec said.

“Never once did they actually explain to us why it was we were targeted,” he said. “I want to be clear on something: We had already given our names, our passports, and our press pass to the police, to the officials, about an hour prior to this happening, and the same lead officer came back with this new group.”

“To me, it says to me that they looked up who we are, and they specifically wanted to give us this higher level of detention because of who we are,” he added.

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