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CONNECT THE DOTS: Founder Of GPS Implies They Went To Media With Trump Dossier At Behest Of ‘Client.’ He Was Working For The DNC At The Time.

By  Hank Berrien

The House Intelligence Committee has released transcripts of its interviews with Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, which created the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, and the implications of Simpson’s testimony might well indicate Fusion GPS went to the media about the dossier at the behest of either Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National Committee.

As John Hinderaker notes at Powerline, Simpson pleaded the Fifth Amendment when he testified before the House Intelligence Committee in November 8, 2017. Invoking the Fifth means that if a witness answers the question, he may be guilty of a crime.

In his testimony on Thursday, Simpson allowed that after former FBI Director James Corney sent a letter to Congress saying he was reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation only two weeks before the 2016 election, Simpson and Christopher Steele felt that Comey had unduly influenced the outcome of the election in favor of Donald Trump, and thus they decided to counter the effect. Simpson stated:

So at that point, I, of course, was really confused, and I would say Chris was a little scared, because he didn’t — he thought that – he didn’t really understand what was going on with the FBI. In any event, at that point I felt like the rules had just been thrown out and that Corney had violated the sort of one of the more sacrosanct policies, which is not announcing law enforcement activity in the closing days of an election. And so, we began talking to the press again about — we decided that if James Corney wasn’t going to tell people about this investigation that, you know, he had violated the rules, and we would only be fair if the world knew that both candidates were under FBI investigation.

Then Simpson’s testimony took a vital turn: he was asked, “You said we had to decide how to respond. Who is ‘we’ in that statement?”

Simpson answered, “It’s mainly a reference to myself and to Chris. You know, it was mainly between Chris and myself.”

The next question was simple: “Anyone else?”

Simpson: “You know, I am not going to get into client communications, but, you know, I was still working for a client at that time.”

Hinderaker points out that Simpson had already said that his client was the Democratic National Committee.

Simpson was asked, “Did you discuss with your client how to respond?”

Simpson replied, “I am not going to give you that.”

Question: “And did you discuss that plan to expose this information with Perkins Coie, the Clinton campaign, or the DNC?”

Simpson: “I am going to decline to answer that.”

So Simpson discussed what to do with a “client” before deciding to press the media vis-à-vis the dossier. It would appear that either Hillary Clinton or the DNC suggested or ordered Fusion to approach the media about the dossier.

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