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Congressman Drops Epic ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Meme During Impeachment Hearing
Paul Gosar Jeffrey Epstein
Getty Images: Tom Williams / Neil Rasmus and Patrick McMullan

Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar dropped a clever “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme during House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hearing on Wednesday, releasing a series of tweets where the first letter in each tweet spelled out the phrase.

Ever since Epstein died several weeks ago, people have found ways to work the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme into normal, everyday occurrences, but few, if any, have been as clever as Gosar’s meme, which The Daily Wire is the first to report.

Below are Gosar’s tweets as they appear on his Twitter account from top to bottom. The tweets call attention to facts surrounding Democrats’ partisan impeachment hearing.

The Daily Wire has added emphasis to the first letter of each tweet so it’s easier to view.

Evidence of a link between foreign aid and political investigations simply does not exist. The longer this circus continues the clearer it becomes that [President Trump] has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

President [Trump] voluntarily chose to release the transcript of his phone call which clearly shows he did nothing wrong. This impeachment circus is a total sham, and Adam Schiff is the clown at the center of it all.”

Schiff’s star witness is crumbling under pressure. He wasn’t listening to the phone call and he has never even met President Trump.”

The Democrat-led impeachment inquiry is falling apart. Their star witnesses have no direct knowledge of the July phone call. No wonder they tried to hide this sham behind closed doors in the basement of the Capitol!”

Every aspect of the Democrats impeachment inquiry is a sham. It started with coordination with the whistleblower and Adam Schiff. Then Schiff held secret hearings int he Capitol Basement. Now he’s trying to control the very questions asked of the witnesses in the public hearings.”

It’s nothing more than a game of telephone. These witnesses have no first hand knowledge.”

No quid pro quo, no pressure. The transcript released by President Trump shows us that, and President Zelensky himself has confirmed it.”

Democrats are so desperate to impeach [President Trump], the very first witnesses they call are lifelong bureaucrats of the D.C. swamp who aren’t even first hand witnesses. A total sham!”

It is abundantly clear that Democrats hate Donald Trump more than they love America.”

Donald Trump did nothing wrong except defeat the chosen one, Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Democrats still haven’t gotten over it yet!”

Neither Ambassador Taylor nor George Kent are direct witnesses. This is just more hearsay from bureaucrats of the D.C. Swamp.”

The testimony of George Kent proves career bureaucrats have long sought to undermine [President Trump’s] foreign policy agenda, a responsibility of the President alone to implement. Kent is NOT even a direct witness.

Kent is currently reading his opening statement. It’s worth remembering Kent is NOT a direct witness, and Kent had NO direct knowledge of U.S. aid being connected to any investigation.”

In response to [Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)], Adam Schiff claims he doesn’t know the identity of the whistleblower. If he doesn’t know their identity, how will he prevent them from being named?”

Let the facts speak for themselves: ►Call shows no discussion of military aid or conditionality ►Both Trump & Zelensky said there was no pressure ►Ukraine did not know aid hadn’t been released ►Aid was released”

Lying to the American people has become a pattern for Adam Schiff. He claimed to have evidence of Russian collusion, read a fake transcript of President Trump’s phone call, and was caught red handed coordinating with the ‘whistleblower.'”

Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded a foreign spy with the sole purpose of digging up dirt on [President Trump] ahead of the 2016 election.”

It’s clear the Democrats impeachment hoax fails on both process and substance. Liberals are still upset that Hillary Clinton was beaten so badly by [President Trump]!”

Maxine Waters has called for impeachment since 2017. It was never about ‘collusion’ or Ukraine; Democrats were always going to try to impeach President Trump.”

Schiff has approved just 3 of the 9 witnesses sought by Republicans. He is trying to hide the truth from the American people. A Democrat-led coup happening right before our eyes!”

Even The New York Times claims the Democrats are using this Ukraine hoax as a “do-over” for their failed Russian collusion narrative to bring down President [Trump].”

Let’s be clear: Democrats only came to Congress to impeach [President Trump]. It’s time to fight back!”

Finally, Adam Schiff’s sham impeachment inquiry comes out of the shadows. The American people will see it for what it is: a partisan sham. The fact is, President [Trump] did not commit any high crimes or misdemeanors.”

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