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Confederate Statue Toppled In Durham, NC

By  Robert Kraychik

“Protesters” toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, NC, on Monday, according to local ABC affiliate ABC11.

ABC11 reported:

DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) —

Protesters in Durham rushed and toppled a Confederate statue outside the courthouse on Monday evening.

The monument of a Confederate soldier holding a rifle was erected in 1924 and inscribed on it are the words “in memory of the boys who wore the gray.”

ABC11 reporter Jonah Kaplan shared video of the event on Twitter and Facebook:

Derrick Lewis, a reporter with a local CBS affiliate, shared video of the event.

The vandals — described as “protesters” by local affiliates of ABC and CBS — toppled the statue with nylon rope.

The statue, named the Confederate Soldiers Monument, is described by Documenting the American South:

An armed and uniformed soldier stands atop a granite tower adorned with the Confederate seal. On the base of the monument are four stone cannon balls and two lighted lamps. In total the monument stands approximately fifteen feet high.

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