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Company Offers Massive Paychecks To ‘Fussy’ Sleepers
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Sleep Junkie — a mattress review company — is offering $250 per hour to sample various products.

“Are you tired of being tired? Are you spending night after night struggling to get to sleep no matter how hard you try? We have a job opportunity that could be perfect for you,” the company said in a blog post. “We are looking to hire someone to test and review the latest sleeping aids and devices to showcase how beneficial each aid can be. Our aim is to curate the ultimate sleep guide for troubled sleepers worldwide.”

The company is seeking “fussy” sleepers available to test and review eight different sleeping aids — such as pillows, eye masks, and apps — over the course of two months. They will receive $2,000 in total — $250 per hour — and “will be permitted to keep all of the sleep aids.”

As CNBC highlighted, a February 2021 analysis released in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that 40% of people have suffered from sleep problems since the onset of COVID-19. 

Indeed, the effects of staying at home more often have extended beyond the bedroom. Last month, a German court ruled that a man who fell down the stairs during his “commute” from the bedroom to the home office is eligible for workers’ compensation. According to CNN Business:

A man who slipped down the stairs and broke his back while walking from his bed to home office can file a claim on his employer’s insurance after a court in Germany ruled that he was commuting at the time…

The man, an area sales manager working for a company identified only as “R-GmbH” was on his way to work “from his bedroom to his home office one floor below,” when he slipped and fractured a vertebra, according to a statement issued by the court on Wednesday.

His employer’s insurance initially refused to cover the claim.

But because he was walking down the stairs, for the first time that day straight to his home office, the court considered his journey to be “insured as an activity in the interest of his employer, as a commute to work.”

University College London lecturer Killian O’Brien told the outlet that insurers should prepare for a deluge of new claims: “This is because there is an increased category of activities and events that you can carry out [within the home] that will now be covered, and it seems likely that insurers will therefore have to revisit this ruling often.”

A poll taken last summer by tech job market platform Hackajob found that 86% of workers want to continue working from home. However, 60% are willing to occasionally come into the office.

“Hybrid working is the new deal breaker for tech professionals,” Hackajob CEO Mark Chaffey explained. “Although working from home may not have been the easiest for individuals this past year, tech professionals clearly find the value in not being in the office every day. Employees are feeling more comfortable and happier working from home, having cultivated a work-life balance.”

He added that tech professionals are “just as productive when working from home, even more so in fact thanks to fewer distractions and no commute.”

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