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Communist China Bought Significant Increase In Equipment Used In Coronavirus Tests Months Before Pandemic Started: Report
MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - AUGUST 28, 2021: People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers pose with a Chinese flag on a TYPE 96B tank during the Tank Biathlon Contest at the 2021 International Army Games at a military training ground in Alabino, Moscow Region. This year, 19 teams which are divided into two divisions, are competing in the contest.
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Communist China significantly increased its stock of equipment used in coronavirus tests months right before the coronavirus pandemic erupted in Wuhan, according to a new report.

“There was a buy-up of coronavirus testing equipment in Wuhan in 2019, with purchasing contracts increasing by more than 50 per cent from the year before,” The Australian reported. “Official Chinese government procurement data shows the buy-up of PCR equipment began in July 2019. The data has been handed to intelligence officials investigating the origins of Covid-19.”

Cybersecurity analyst Robert Potter, who helped recover the purchase data, said, “You can see across the trend that, starting in May and all the way through to December, you see a massive increase in PCR procurement data.

“Some of this may be benign but taken together it gives us a trend that comprehensively challenges the official narrative that the pandemic started in December,” Potter said. “It also shows there’s a significant amount of procurement from the government level, the PLA and the Centre for Disease Control, as well as sensitive laboratories that are in the Hubei province.”

The report added:

Former director of US National ­Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the buy-up of PCR equipment in Wuhan in 2019 was significant. “I think there’s more than just smoke here, I think there’s fire from a whole bunch of different sources,” he said. “I think that would be ­another compelling piece of evidence, if you need more. I don’t need more.”

PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction – equipment is used to ­research DNA and genes in laboratories. It has also been used to test for coronaviruses. The data shows the significant increase in PCR purchasing starts in July 2019.

Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Sky News last month that he believes that the pandemic originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and that he has seen evidence that he says indicates that the pandemic could have erupted as early as Summer 2019, which is consistent with the increased purchases of the tests.

“There was enormous, albeit indirect evidence, that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the center point for this,” Pompeo said. “I’ve seen data points that place it in the summertime of 2019, late summer, July, August of 2019. I’ve seen no evidence that there’s a cluster that began any place but this. I’m all ears to see if any evidence that presents something, some fact set to the contrary.”


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