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College Baseball Team Can’t Go To Playoffs Because of North Carolina Transgender Travel Ban

By  Chase

Kyle Bestle, a baseball player on the Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) baseball team in upstate New York, says the team has been playing solid all season and has “a real shot at going to the national championship.”

That was until New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) decided to put a ban on all state-sponsored non-essential travel to North Carolina because of their recent law concerning genders and bathrooms. And though the community college doesn’t fall into that category, the school’s administration has decided to stand in unity with Cuomo’s prohibition.

“The team will not be going to nationals, ultimately because of a widely misconstrued law passed in a state half a country away,” LiberyUnyeilding points out, “As J.E. Dyer has noted, North Carolina’s much-in-the-news HB2 does not make it illegal for a male to the use the ladies room or vice versa. Rather, it prevents a ‘trans’ person from suing a Tarheel State establishment for failing to acknowledge his ‘trans-ness.’ Oblivious to the actual letter of the law, liberals, including the president of the United States, have decided to mete out punishment to the citizens and government of North Carolina.”

It turns out, just like Cuomo, the school is also guilty of a “double-standard,” having just recently sent administrators on a 10-day trip to China, where widespread LGBT discrimination makes North Carolina look like San Francisco.

Steve McLaughlin, a Republican New York State Assemblyman, summed it up perfectly in his Facebook post below:

Click below for an interview with the ball players and coach.

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