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Colin Kaepernick Faceplants on Twitter Trying To Support ESPN Anchor

By  Emily Zanotti

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill made some … interesting … remarks on Twitter Monday, calling both President Donald Trump and musician Kid Rock “white supremacists” and accusing the two of both supporting and propagating racism among their supporters and fans.

ESPN has since claimed they’ve “disciplined” Hill whom they say is properly contrite, but in the midst of controversy, former NFL second-string QB Colin Kapernick — clearly lacking for something to do all day now that he’s unemployed — of course felt the need to weigh in with his support for Hill speaking truth to power.

Kaepernick obviously believes that he is the king and sole arbiter of social justice in the sports world, and has bestowed his seal of approval on Hill, for which she is, of course, eternally grateful. But as far as the rest of social media goes, well, they had another theory as to why Kaepernick took to Twitter to speak on behalf of kneeling quarterbacks everywhere: he’s jobless and bored.

The blowback hit Kaepernick square in the face:

And he even might have done more harm than good:


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