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CNN’s McCain/Graham Infomercial Pushes Amnesty

By  Robert Kraychik

During a CNN-hosted town hall style event on Wednesday, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-SC) called for a “pathway to citizenship” for foreign nationals illegally in the country who entered as children. Both senators accepted usage of the term “comprehensive immigration reform” as a euphemism for widespread amnesty for millions of foreigners illegally residing in the America.

“DREAMers” – referring to foreign nationals allegedly having entered the country as children at the direction of their parents or guardians and beneficiaries of Barack Obama’s directive entitled Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – should be offered a “path to citizenship,” said McCain (emphasis added):

“First of all, I believe that we have to understand that there is a category of people in this country who were brought to this country as children. And that was not their doing, they were brought to this country and I think that those young people ought to have a chance to become citizens.”

Graham claimed that he and “most Americans” can “tell the difference” between what he implied were desirable and undesirable foreigners illegally in the country. No explanation was provided as to how this might be done.

Angel Rayos Garcia – whose mother Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was repatriated to Mexico two weeks ago after illegally residing in the homeland for over two decades – framed his mother as a victim of a cruel immigration enforcement system. His mother was convicted in 2009 of criminal impersonation, otherwise known as identity theft.

Graham and McCain both accepted the premise that Garcia’s recently deported mother was a desirable foreigner who should remain in America.

At no point were the costs of illegal immigration borne by American taxpayers examined during the CNN event. Also ignored were statistics or data pertaining to the volume of Americans victimized by crimes committed by foreigners illegally in the country.

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