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CNN’s Cuomo Explodes After Heckler Calls Him ‘Fredo’: ‘I’ll F***ing Throw You Down These Stairs’

By  Ryan Saavedra
Chris Cuomo
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

A video surfaced on Monday of CNN’s Chris Cuomo yelling at a man who called him “Fredo” — a character from the movie “The Godfather” — while at an event in New York over the weekend.

The video, first reported by Brandon from “THAT’S THE POINT,” contains strong language from Cuomo after he was called the name.

“I thought that’s who you were,” the man says to Cuomo.

“No, punk-a** b****es from the Right call me Fredo,” Cuomo says. “My name is Chris Cuomo, I’m an anchor on CNN.”

“Fredo is from ‘The Godfather,’ he was that weak brother and they’re using it as an Italian aspersion,” Cuomo continued. “It’s like the ‘n-word’ for us.”

The man responded to Cuomo’s intense words by saying, “You’re a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem to be on television.”

Cuomo later said, “You’re going to have a f***ing problem.”

The man responded, “What are you going to do about it?”

Cuomo responded: “I’ll f***ing ruin your shit. I’ll f***ing throw you down these stairs like a f***ing punk.”

In a phone call with The Daily Wire, Cuomo acknowledged that the incident happened but declined to comment further on the matter.


CNN has defended its anchor with the following statement:

Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him.

No relevant Google results returned for the phrases “Fredo” and “ethnic slur.”

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