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PANICKED: CNN Hypes Heavily Skewed Poll Saying Democrats Will Crush In 2018

By  Joseph Curl

“Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” — Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Maybe the mainstream media got spooked when the GOP — without a single Democratic vote in the House or the Senate — on Tuesday passed the largest tax cut in 31 years.

And for good reason: In 1981, President Ronald Reagan signed a massive tax cut into law during his first year of office, as President Trump did, and this is what happened in the electoral vote when he ran for re-election:

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That’s a lot of red. And Walter Mondale won only his home state — by 3,761 votes of more than 2 million cast.

The MSM is officially panicked. And a day after the historic vote — which no doubt will play well across America (GOP campaign motto: We Voted To Lower Your Taxes, They Voted To Keep Them High) — the illustrious media blanketed America with “fake news” stories.

A few hours before Trump held a celebration on the White House colonnade, CNN dropped this piece: “Democrats’ 2018 advantage expands.”

Democrats’ already wide advantage over Republicans in a hypothetical Congressional matchup has grown, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. At the same time, enthusiasm about voting next year has increased among Democrats nationwide following an unexpected win in Alabama’s Senate special election and a strong showing in Virginia’s state government elections last month.

Among registered voters, 56% say they favor a Democrat in their congressional district, while 38% prefer a Republican. That 18-point edge is the widest Democrats have held in CNN polling on the 2018 contests, and the largest at this point in midterm election cycles dating back two decades. The finding follows several other public polls showing large double-digit leads for Democrats on similar questions.

Here’s the thing, though. Just 23% of those surveyed identified themselves as Republicans — while 77% of the respondents identified as Democrats (33%) or independents and members of another party (44%).

Next came Newsweek (Man, remember when Newsweek was good? Yeah, we don’t either.) They dropped this beauty, screaming in all caps: “SUPPORT FOR DONALD TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT IS HIGHER THAN HIS RE-ELECTION CHANCES.”

“Donald Trump is hemorrhaging support among the American people, and now more than 40 percent of them think it’s time to start the process to impeach him, a new poll finds. The number is higher than the percentage of Americans who said they planned to vote for the president in the 2020 election,” said the rag, er, mag.

Once again, the premises were skewed. Some 43% of those surveyed identified as “Strong Democrat,” “Not Very Strong Democrat,” and “Independent/Lean Democrat.” Just 33% identified as “Strong Republican,” “Not Very Strong Republican,” and “Independent/Lean Republican.” Another 15% were supposedly “Strictly Independent.”

It just goes to show you — and it’ll show you once again — that when the going gets tough, America’s media pumps out some “fake news.” Same as it ever was.

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