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CNN Pundit: ‘Borderline Treason’ For Don Jr. To Meet Veselnitskaya

“What [Donald Trump Jr.] did was a threat to our democracy and borderline treason,” said CNN’s Bakari Sellers as a guest panelist on Sunday’s State of the Union.

Republicans must battle the “threat against our democracy,” said Sellers in pushing the “election hacking” narrative:

You know, I don’t hear the outrage from my Republican colleagues that I believe that this Russia investigation deserves. I mean, I think that we are talking about a legitimate threat against our democracy.

I mean, I like to play the what if game. What if Barack Obama, you know, did this or what if Hillary Clinton did this, you know?

Ken Cuccinelli would be red in the face and he would be running around with pitch forks in Washington, D.C. But we don’t see that same outrage because it’s Donald Trump and he’s able to meander his way in and out of lives.

And so, I think the Democrats can talk about the 23 million people that are going to be kicked off health care. And we can also say that Donald Trump Jr. what he did was a threat to our democracy and borderline treason.

Watch Sellers’ comments below.

None of Sellers’ counterparts — neither State of the Union host Jake Tapper nor the show’s guest panelists — challenged the framing of Donald Trump Jr.’s conduct as “borderline treason.”

CNN markets its pundits as “the best political team on television.”

Sellers regularly pushes interrelated narratives framing 2016’s presidential election as compromised by “election hacking” via “collusion” between Donald Trump and the Russian state:

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CNN presents itself as a politically objective a non-partisan news media outlet, billing itself as “The Most Trusted Name In News.”

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