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CNN, MSNBC Cover President Trump’s Diet Coke Habit Instead Of NYC Bombing

The most important news story breaking Monday morning was clearly the attempted pipe bombing in New York City, an incident that left several people injured, including the bomber (who had strapped a home-made explosive device to a very sensitive part of his anatomy, only to have it go off without warning).

But CNN and MSNBC, always on the pulse of current events, chose to ignore the bombing until nearly 9 a.m. EST, and focus instead on a story that broke over the weekend: Donald Trump drinking upwards of a dozen cans of Diet Coke per day.

According to the Daily Caller, who watched both CNN and MSNBC so we wouldn’t have to, CNN hosts interviewed Michael D’Antonio, a CNN contributor, on how a glut of artificial sweetener affects one’s health (both the guest and the hosts — shockingly — agreed that doctors wouldn’t recommend that level of consumption).

Over on MSNBC, “Morning Joe” focused on the same story in the same period of time, fretting not only that the president could potentially drop dead of a soda-borne illness, but that his habit of watching several hours of television per day was somehow interfering with his White House work schedule — a concern somewhat misplaced when you consider most of “Morning Joe’s” talent would prefer Trump be prevented from working on his agenda at all.

The TV, apparently, blares in the background during the day. Trump does drink an awful lot of Diet Coke, though.

Fox, which is often criticized for ignoring breaking news that might have a negative impact on the Trump Administration, covered the bombing live. Their primary studio is less than ten blocks from the Port Authority bus station that was affected.

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