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CNN: DOJ ‘Roadblocks’ Of FBI’s Clinton Foundation Investigation ‘Politically Driven’

Left-wing CNN’s Pamela Brown and Evan Perez report that their sources describe the Department of Justice (DoJ) as engaging in “politically driven” obstruction of the FBI’s investigations into corruption allegations relating to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s negligent handling of state secrets via her unauthorized private email server during her capacity as secretary of state.

Joining colleague Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Brown shared what she and Perez had learned from their sources.

“My colleague, Evan Perez and I, have spoken to more than a dozen officials and agents, and have learned that agents in the FBI wanted to aggressively investigate the Clinton Foundation several months ago. Earlier in the year, the Department of Justice told the FBI, essentially, ‘You don’t have enough evidence here for predication to get more tools, such as warrants and subpoenas. Go back and see what else you can dig up. We were told that after the Clinton email probe, initially wrapped up back in July, that those agents wanted to continue their work on the case, and again DoJ said, ‘You don’t have enough evidence here to really investigate.’ And so things are sort of on hold, but this has just sort of caused tensions to flare, and the FBI and Department of Justice, some of those agents feel like the roadblocks are politically driven.”

Watch the video below.
On CNN’s website, Brown and Perez reported that “some rank-and-file agents interpreted cautious steps taken by the Justice Department and FBI headquarters as being done for political reasons or to protect a powerful political figure.”
The Wall Street Journal has also released a series of reports based on unnamed government sources of growing tensions within and between the FBI and DoJ. Investigative agents are apparently being stifled by politically partisan senior officials at both the FBI and DoJ, presumably seeking to shield Clinton from criminal prosecution.
Larry Kudlow and Fox Nes Channel’s Bill O’Reilly have both said that their sources – both current and former FBI employees – have described inner tensions at the FBI as nearing “revolt” and “mutiny,” respectively.

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