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CNN Busted: Claims Milwaukee Shooting Victim’s Sister ‘Calling For Peace.’ Edits Out Her Calls To ‘Burn Down The Suburbs!’

Sherelle Smith, the sister of Sylville Smith, the black gangbanger killed by the black police officer after running away from a traffic stop while carrying a stolen semi-automatic pistol holding 23 rounds that he refused to put down, was touted by CNN as “calling for peace,” when in reality she was doing the opposite.

The disgraced Clinton News Network edited a video (below) of Smith telling reporters, “Don’t bring the violence here and the ignorance here.” The story, reported by correspondent Ana Cabrera, ran on Monday’s CNN Newsroom and a written version was posted on their website. But after new footage emerged showing the full press gathering, it was clear they carefully took one line from an entire statement, led into it with a clip of people reciting the Lord’s Prayer, and added completely false voiceover saying Smith was “calling for peace.” Uhhhh, nope…

Twitter screenshot of the CNN post and Smith’s entire rant below:

Smith says in the full clip, “Burning down s**t ain’t gonna help nothin’. You’re burning down s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down!” She added, “We need our weave! I don’t wear it but we need it.”

Her last line was in reference to one of the many pictures that emerged from the rampant looting that was going on during the riots showing a person leaving a beauty supply shop with a bushel of hair weaves as other looters are entering the store:

After being called out by several news sources, CNN reposted the written story on their website but with this caveat:

“Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story mischaracterized what the sister of Sylville Smith was trying to convey. She was calling for peace in her community, urging protesters to go elsewhere.”