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CNN Benches Latino Contributor Because He Supported Trump, Pushed Back On Network’s ‘Racist’ Narrative, Source Says
DOWNTOWN, ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES - 2015/11/14: CNN World Headquarters. (
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CNN has reportedly benched one of their Latino contributors because he supported President Donald Trump and he pushed back on the far-left network’s attempts to paint the president as being racist ahead of the 2020 election.

Steve Cortes, a prominent conservative and Trump campaign surrogate, has not been put on air by the network in over six weeks as the network shifts its coverage of the president from tying everything to “Russia” to trying to cast him as a racist ahead of the upcoming elections.

A source familiar with the matter told The Daily Wire that CNN’s Steve Cortes met with Trump on Friday at the White House to discuss the situation at CNN.

The source said that Trump, who is “extremely angry” over the matter, had asked Cortes to go to CNN two years ago to combat the network’s narrative, but, with the recent developments at the network, the president no longer sees value in Cortes staying there for the 2020 campaign.

People who work at CNN allegedly told Cortes that the network did not want to have him on air anymore because they could not have a Latino Trump supporter on television pushing back against the network’s attempts to paint the president as a racist.

Cortes likely further angered CNN when he was featured in a widely viewed video from Prager University that debunked the media’s false claims about what Trump said in response to the tragedy at Charlottesville.

“They just won’t book him,” a former CNN contributor told The Hollywood Reporter in regards to Cortes. “They’ll just pay him. They won’t fire him, because that’s just blatant. But they won’t book him, and they’ll tell all the producers not to book him.”

Cortes was regularly outnumbered on CNN, and was often forced to battle a left-wing commentator and the host of whatever show he appeared on. Cortes’ ability to take control of the debate and get to the crux of whatever issue was being discussed was part of what made him a top candidate to replace White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders earlier this year, a role that was later filled by Stephanie Grisham.