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CNBC Reporter Ponders Trump’s ‘State of Mind’: ‘He Did Not Look Well’

By  Joseph Curl

First there were theories that President Trump wasn’t all there mentally. Then were reports (from no less a brilliant “journalist” as MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough) that Trump suffered from the early stages of dementia.

Those have all but disappeared as Trump has reversed the eight-year spiral of the economy that his predecessor left him, tackled the influx of gangs from Mexico and even moved forward with bringing about an end to the Korean War.

But after Trump raged at the G-7 in Canada over the weekend, at least one “journalist” — not surprisingly also with NBC — thinks Trump is losing it.

CNBC reporter John Harwood, appearing on MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, said this on Saturday:

I’ll be honest, as a citizen, I’m concerned about the president’s state of mind. He did not look well to me in that press conference. He was not speaking logically or rationally. It sounded as if he was making stuff up, saying, you know, “Oh, China told me nobody’s ever talked to us” or saying, “Oh, you know, I talked to Justin Trudeau, and he can’t believe he was getting away with so much trade stuff.”

I don’t think those things are true. And there was something about his affect, which was oddly kind of languid from him. I don’t know what it means, but he did not look well to me.

He got some agreement from another top “journalist” — Mother Jones bureau chief David Corn. “If you were talking to me this morning the way we just heard Donald Trump talk, I would ask you if you’d taken any medication, advise you not to operate any heavy machinery,” Corn said.

Watch the video below:

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