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Clinton Wins Endorsement Of Orlando Jihadist’s Father

Hillary Clinton has secured the support of Seddique Mateen, the father of the Islamic terrorist who attacked an Orlando-based “gay nightclub” two months ago. In June, Omar Mateen murdered 49 persons and injured 53 others at a nightclub named Pulse.

Seated behind her at a rally in Kissimmee, FL, Mateen was spotted by the news crew of a local NBC affiliate WPTV.

Initially reluctant to speak with the news crew, Mateen was seen departing in a BMW. He later spoke with a WPTV’s Tory Dunnan at a rest stop near West Palm Beach.

“Clinton is good for the United States, versus Donald Trump,” said Mateen, a Muslim from Afghanistan who was granted asylum in America as a refugee.

Mateen said he was “invited by the Democratic Party to attend the rally” as a Democrat.

Asked if the Clinton campaign knew he would attend the rally, Mateen said, “I love the United States.” He added that he supported everything Clinton said, with particular praise for her “gun control measures.”

Following his son’s Islamic motivations for his attack, Mateen said the mass murder had “nothing to do with religion.”

Given the stage-management associated with political events – particularly left-wing and Democrat rallies – Clinton’s campaign staff certainly selected Mateen to be placed behind her. Assuming they did not recognize him, Mateen was presumably selected for his ethnic or racial features in pursuit of the superficial optics of “diversity.”

Mateen has made numerous statements expressing sympathy with Islamist groups such as the Taliban.

Clinton has called for increasing the annual number of admitted refugees from Muslim-majority failed states beyond the status quo. She has not articulated any upper limit to the number of such persons she wishes to bring to import. She has not explained how she intends to screen such persons along ideological grounds the purposes of national security. She has also refused to acknowledge that the admission of Muslim immigrants and refugees necessarily the risk of Islamic terrorism in the homeland.

H/T Charlie Spiering at Breitbart

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