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Clinton Tweets Support For Anti-Trump Online Safe Space

By  Robert

Hillary Clinton tweeted support for a new “media platform” named Verrit — founded by Democrat political advisor Peter Daou — on Sunday:

Via Twitter, Daou claimed that “Hillary Clinton’s voters … are underrepresented in the media,” prompting a necessity for an alternative online space where they can congregate.

Daou also described “misogyny, sexism, and racism” as widespread American pathologies:

Daou expressed hope that Verrit will be profitable:

Daou joined forces with David Brock — founder of Media Matters for America and Clinton operative — in founding ShareBlue, a media outlet billing itself as producing “factual content to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.”

Prior to ShareBlue’s launch, Brock described the nascent media operation as “an answer to Breitbart on the left.”

ShareBlue’s staffers’ professional descriptions include leftist terms such as “progressive,” “feminist,” and “LGBTQ rights.”

The Center for American Progress — a neo-Marxist, Democrat-aligned and George Soros-funded non-profit organization — was founded by Clinton ally John Podesta.

Political organizations orbiting the Clintons include the non-profit organization bearing their family namesake: The Clinton Foundation; the Clinton Global Initiative, ostensibly an international philanthropic operation, shut down earlier this year.

Clinton and her surrogates have repeatedly described the news media landscape as broadly hostile toward her presidential campaigns, both in 2008 and 2016. Across the Clinton administration, both Bill and Hillary Clinton — as well as their political allies — framed the news media as broadly hostile toward them.

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