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Clinton: Muslims Won’t Inform On Their Family And Friends Because Of Trump And Cruz

By  Robert

Declaring that Muslims will not assist authorities in the prevention of Islamic terrorism by informing on their friends, and family members, and other Muslim contacts from engaging in Jihadist-inspired mass murder due to Republican rhetoric, Hillary Clinton called for greater cultivation of human intelligence resources within Muslim communities by forging stronger relationships with them.

Reading from a teleprompter in an address delivered at Stanford University focusing on Tuesday’s Islamic terrorist attacks in Brussels, Clinton criticized Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz over comments they had made pertaining to national security along the campaign trail.

The former First Lady continued by stating that ostensibly good Muslims would not provide authorities with the intelligence necessary to prevent mass murder plots by Islamic terrorists as a result of alienation emerging from the political rhetoric of both Trump and Cruz.

“One thing we know that does not work is offensive inflammatory rhetoric that demonizes all Muslims. There are millions of peace-loving Muslims living, working, raising families, and paying taxes in this country,” said Clinton. “These Americans are a crucial line of defense against terrorism. They are the most likely to recognize the warning signs of radicalization before it’s too late, and the best positioned to block it.”

As if Muslims constitute a race, Clinton derided Cruz’s recent call for an increased law enforcement presence in certain Muslim communities for the purposed of counterterrorism operations.

“So when Republican candidates like Ted Cruz call for treating American Muslims like criminals, and for racially profiling predominantly Muslim neighborhoods, it’s wrong, it’s counterproductive, it’s dangerous,” said Clinton, drawing on shared views from left-wing Democrat police leadership in New York City.

“Demonizing Muslims also alienates partners and undermines moderates we need around the world in the fight against ISIS,” said Clinton, adding that Muslim-majority nations would not cooperate with Trump or Cruz if either were elected president.

Suggesting that torture also inspired Islamic terrorism, Clinton said she was “proud” to have joined Obama in “banning” it, saying that America had “lost [its] way” under former President George W. Bush’s leadership.

In January, Clinton’s campaign released an ad which criticized Republicans for wanting to eliminate Islamic terrorists. Left-wing media allies of Clinton’s have repeatedly claimed that the political rhetoric of Republicans inspires Islamic terrorism.

In December, Clinton joined Obama in describing Trump as a de facto recruitment tool for Islamic terrorists.

“(Trump) is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical Jihadists,” said Clinton.

No mention was made by Clinton on the issues of irresponsible immigration or multiculturalism policies in America or the broader West, or of problem pertaining to compatability of cultures in the context of contemporary mass migration. Also ignored was how “political correctness” obstructs honest analysis of problems flowing from pathologies more prevalent within certain religious, ethnic, and cultural demographics. Likewise avoided was any examination of weaknesses within existing rules of engagement and military codes of conduct in combating modern terrorists.

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