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CLASSY: Stormy Daniels To Perform With Naked Trump Statue

By  Hank Berrien

Porn star Stormy Daniels, unsatisfied with the publicity she has already received, is going to try to ratchet the Attention-O-Meter up another level when she tours Oregon this week, dancing with one of the nude statues of President Trump created during the 2016 election season by the activist art collective, Indecline. Daniels will reportedly stage a re-enactment of herself spanking Trump, a story Daniels had told to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

According to Oregon Live, the statue, which was part of a project that commissioned five artists in different cities to create a nude, pot-bellied statue modeled after Trump, will be brought from Seattle in order to accommodate Daniels.

The Associated Press reports that according to Julien’s Auction, the statue to be used by Daniels is the only one of the five statues still left in existence; the others have been damaged or destroyed.

Daniels will perform in Bend, Salem, and at the Bridgeport Village Stars Cabaret.

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