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Chuck Todd: I Fear The Russians Could Be Behind The Mail-Bomb Scare

In today’s modern news world, “journalists” don’t bother with facts. Instead, they simply spout any thought that pops into their head, regardless of the fact that they don’t have any, uh, facts.

Take MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, host of the venerable show “Meet The Press.” On Thursday, he said that the Russians could be responsible for the spate of poorly made bombs sent to prominent Democrats and liberals, as well as the liberal news network CNN.

“This feels like a spot — I have this fear that it could be some Russian operation too, in designed to do what’s happening now,” Todd said. “In some ways, we shouldn’t rule anything out. It is dividing us.”

Now, Todd offered no evidence that the Russians were somehow involved. But the mainstream media has pushed the idea that President Trump was elected only because of Russian interference in the 2016 election, so Todd’s “fear” dovetails nicely with that — also a completely unproven allegation.

The so-called pipe bombs were mailed this week to at least 10 high-profile Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, billionaire and Democratic donor George Soros, and California Rep. Maxine Waters. Actor Robert De Niro also received one at a restaurant he owns in New York City.

None of the “bombs” exploded, and some experts say they were not even capable of being detonated.

The crude bombs lacked a “triggering mechanism,” suggesting they were never meant to go off. “What they wanted to do was scare people, cause disruption, but not necessarily hurt anybody, because if they’d wanted to hurt people the bombs would have gone off,” Matthew Bradley, a former CIA agent, told Reuters.

Todd occasionally makes predictions that turn out to be wrong, as he did on August 30, when he predicted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could drop a bombshell before the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Conventional wisdom said that Mueller wouldn’t want to influence the midterm elections, the campaigns for which begin in earnest after the last holiday of the summer. So, if Mueller has something to drop before November 7 — the day after the election — that was the time.

“I’m not missing work tomorrow. I wouldn’t miss work tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last business day of the pre-Labor Day to Election Day window,” Todd said.

Nothing happened. He was wrong.

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