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Chris Wallace: Will Bannon Be Heritage’s Next President?

By  Robert Kraychik

On Sunday, Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace relayed rumors that Stephen Bannon might become the Heritage Foundation’s next president following a vacancy resulting from Jim DeMint’s departure.

Wallace asked Michael Needham – who currently heads the Heritage Foundation’s overtly activist arm – about Bannon’s possible securing of the Heritage Foundation’s presidency:

WALLACE: “Michael, I have to ask you about one other subject before we end this segment. I want to ask about the Heritage Foundation, that you’re associated with. There are a lot of stories out that Jim DeMint, the head of the Heritage Foundation, is going to be out and that Steve Bannon may become the new head, that this is going to be his safety net as he is forced out of the White House. What can you tell us?”

NEEDHAM: “That there’s a lot of speculation and rumor in the media that never misses a chance to divide and attack conservatives. Jim DeMint is a patriot. He has had a courageous career in Washington and the country and the conservative movement are far better because of that. And The Heritage Foundation is an institution that is committed to formulating and promoting conservative policies. And – and that is not going to change.”

WALLACE: “But is he – is – is DeMint out? I mean the story that the board wants him out.”

NEEDHAM: “I don’t know. There’s a lot of speculation and rumor, and I’m not going to add to the speculation and rumor.”

WALLACE: “And Steve Bannon?”

NEEDHAM: “There’s a lot of speculation and rumor, and I’m not going to add to the speculation and rumor.”

Watch the brief exchange below:

Politico’s Eliana Johnson reported that “people with knowledge of the situation” at the Heritage Foundation believe Needham is being transitioned into the role of the conservative organization’s presidency.

Bannon currently operates as President Donald Trump’s senior strategist. He formerly worked as Trump presidential campaign chair after departing from his chairmanship at Breitbart News.

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