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Chicago’s ‘Dyke March’ Event Flier Shows Woman Burning Israeli Flag After Event Banned ‘Jewish Symbols’
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Chicago’s “Dyke March” is again making an anti-Semitic statement, distributing event materials showing marchers burning an Israeli flag, after the group came under fire in 2017 for banning “Jewish symbols” and Pride flags with the Star of David from their event.

This year, the group, set to march on June 26th in Chicago’s Palmer Square Park, is sharing fliers for the event featuring a woman squatting on the hood of a burning police car with holding two burning flags, an American flag and an Israeli flag.

Instagram: @ChiDykeMarch

The poster itself calls for the abolition of law enforcement and the female figure had ACAB — “All Cops Are Bastards” — written on her bottom. The phrase was ubiquitous in “anti-Fascist” graffiti left during last summer’s riots.

The caption adds that a theme of the march will be, “Abolish the Isra*li Occupation Forces.”

The word, “Israeli” is censored to prevent discovery by “Zionists” and to skirt social media regulations against hate speech.

“Please screen shot this and share to prevent any attempts by Z10N1ST and Instagram to censor our account. We will see you there regardless of if our account is still active,” the group said in a post-note to their Instagram photo.

Back in 2017, the group made headlines for being among the first progressive marches to ban Jewish symbols, including the Star of David, which some participants had taken to putting on their rainbow Pride flags. The Women’s March and other “dyke” marches followed suit, according to the Times of Israel.

“Palestinian activists have promoted the idea that Zionism is in conflict with social justice, putting progressive Jews…in an increasingly uncomfortable spot,” the outlet reported in 2019. “In 2017, the Chicago Dyke March organizers kicked Jewish participants out for displaying pride flags containing the Star of David. The Women’s March in 2019 also sparked controversy, with some organizers claiming there was no room in feminism for people who support Israel. The same ideas have ramped up on social media since the mid-May conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.”

Washington D.C.‘s “dyke march” also banned Jewish symbols, back in 2019. They claimed the Israeli flag promoted “nationalism” and “violence,” and denied the decision was anti-Semitic because American flags were also banned under the policy excluding flags from “nations that have specific oppressive tendencies.”

Palestinian flags were allowed.

“The claim is that we are banning Jewish symbols, which is entirely untrue,” two organizers told the Washington Blade at the time. “We are asking people to not bring nationalist symbols because violent nationalism does not fit with our vision of queer liberation. And because we need the march to be a space that is as welcoming to Palestinian Dykes as it is to Jewish Dykes.”

This year, the message seems more pointed: rather than simply speaking out against “nationalism,” the group in Chicago is explicitly attacking “Zionism” and sending a statement through its materials.

In a follow-up post, the group called Zionism, “queer-phobic” and promoted “Queers for Palestine,” even though Israel is the only Middle Eastern country to welcome LGBTQ.

The outdoor event, which again will not allow Jewish symbols, does require participants to wear masks.

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