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Chicago Police Department Launches Video Website So Citizens Can Identify Looters
Broken glass and destroyed merchandise displays lay on the ground at a Nordstrom Inc. Rack store following looting on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Monday, Aug. 10.
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The Chicago Police Department, intent on catching the looters who pillaged the city on Sunday, has launched a “Looting & Civil Unrest Videos” website showing surveillance camera footage from the destruction, and asking citizens to identify the perpetrators.

On Wednesday, Chicago Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan stated, “Cases are easier to solve and much stronger when the community identifies these suspects and works with the police and the detectives to hold them accountable. … We’re now seeking the community’s help to identify additional offenders that are seen on video and in photographs looting and committing other criminal behavior.”

Deenihan showed a video of a man using a hammer-like object attempting to break into an ATM. He continued, “So this is gonna be just an example of the videos that are going to be posted on the website. So the department launched a website today with images of these subjects and others wanted in connection with the looting that took place downtown and elsewhere. Detectives are asking everyone to look at these images; there’s a link on the webpage that’s going to allow those with information to submit a tip. … Storeowners and others individuals that have additional video can also send these images to our detectives from the website.”

“This was just an attack on our city,” he continued. “We really need everyone’s help to identify these offenders so we can arrest and charge them. Camera footage is only valuable when our officers and detectives can identify the individuals caught on camera committing the crime. We need everyone’s help to do this. … Looking at these videos, someone surely knows the offenders that are causing this destruction. So please help us bring these criminals to justice. We need help to get them off the street and before a judge; these are obviously very dangerous people. The only way to truly restore our collective sense of security and restore order to Chicago is by working with the police to remove these offenders from the street.”

“We have been getting tips, and that’s how detectives are solving cases for the murders and shootings, and then specifically when we get this website up and running, we expect the tips,” Deenihan stated. “I know the community’s extremely upset, and we’re looking  — normally when you get that good of a shot of someone’s facial feature, someone can identify them, and we’re asking the community to step up, and I believe that they will.”

Along with providing videos highlighting criminal activity, the site also provides a means for business owners and other residents to submit additional footage and information to help identify perpetrators.

The New York Post notes that the launch of the site takes place “after 100 people were arrested and 13 cops were injured in violent clashes between police and looters Sunday into Monday.”

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