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Cheryl Burke Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Defends Sean Spicer: ‘He’s So Endearing’
UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Dancer / TV Personality Cheryl Burke visits Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 26, 2019 in Universal City, California.
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

As the mainstream media decries former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s seeming invincibility on “Dancing with the Stars,” at least one pro has come to his defense: professional dancer Cheryl Burke, who understands why the audience has voted for him every week.

Writing in a blog for Us Weekly, Burke said she finds Sean Spicer “endearing” because of the joy he has expressed during his time on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I actually really love Sean’s personality,” wrote Burke. “Even in just the little time I spent with him, he’s really funny. He’s super down to Earth. He’s not the Sean Spicer that I think everyone thinks he is. Listen, he is having the time of his life. You can tell he is holding back tears because of how much fun he’s having and it’s super sweet and endearing to watch.”

Burke cited how Sean Spicer nearly broke down into tears during the interview portion of this week’s show when discussing how his dance partner, Lindsay Arnold, had to pull out due to a family emergency. That vulnerable humanity, Burke argued, is why the viewers appreciate him. Contrary to those who criticize his dancing, Burke actually commended Spicer for being able to switch dance partners and keep it together.

It’s likely that middle-American Trump supporters who watch the show see themselves in Sean Spicer: a decent person hated by the mainstream because he holds the wrong opinions.

As to whether or not Sean Spicer makes it to the show’s finals, Burke said that depends on if he will be placed in the bottom two when the judges pick. In that case, Spicer would be going home in a split second.

“If he consistently beats everybody when it comes to being in the bottom two and he’s always safe, then yes, I do believe he will make the final,” argued Burke. “I don’t even know how many couples will be in the final this year, but it’s not shocking. Look at Bristol Palin; she made it to the final three. I think Sean Spicer is a better dancer. Bristol was super sweet as well, but if I was just looking at the dancing, I think that Sean’s journey is a lot more relatable and I love how much he’s committing to this.”

Contrast Burke’s charitable depiction of Spicer with that of mainstream media leftists who reacted with maddening outrage this week the moment after Sean Spicer learned he would live to dance another day on the show. Gia Kourlas, dance critic for the New York Times, took this Spicer derangement syndrome to the most insane degree by arguing his dance routines reflect the emptiness of his soul.

“Spicer’s staying power has little to do with his performances. Over the past eight weeks, he has been the weakest dancer on the show. His low scores from the judges have borne that out,” wrote Kourlas. “He hides behind an egregious smile, parting his teeth to make it look as though he’s been caught mid-laugh. That smile seems meant to distract from his plan of attack: never actually performing a dance, but conquering it.”