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Chelsea Manning ‘Safe’ After Appearing To Threaten Suicide On Twitter

Convicted leaker-turned-transgender activist Chelsea Manning is reportedly “safe” after posting a photo on Twitter late Sunday evening that showed a person’s feet on a ledge, overlooking the street below.

The picture, posted to Manning’s account with the caption, “I’m sorry,” appeared to suggest that Manning was contemplating suicide. The Tweet was eventually deleted.

A second Tweet was posted on Manning’s account this morning claiming that Manning is now “safe,” is “on the phone with friends,” and requesting “space” as Manning clearly appears to be struggling with some sort of mental illness.

Earlier in the day Sunday, Manning posted a strange Tweet which appeared to suggest that “change” might require a revolution — “something radically different” — rather than simple voting or protests. Manning seemed to be having difficulty generating interest in what most believed was a protest Congressional campaign launched to unseat Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin.

“I’ve been knocking on doors and making phone calls all over Maryland lately – most people aren’t interested in voting, or elections, or civil discourse anymore – they’ve heard it all before – they don’t think it will make a difference – and they are right,” Manning Tweeted.

Manning has become an outspoken activist for “outsider” politics — occasionally mixing in with both the progressive left and the alt-right — since President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence upon leaving office in 2017.