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Chelsea Clinton: Trump Degrades ‘What It Means To Be An American’

By  Emily Zanotti

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton blasted President Donald Trump in an interview with The Guardian released Sunday, telling the British newspaper that Trump degrades “what it means to be an American.”

Clinton, who has been quiet for much of 2017 after scorching the Earth in the wake of her mother’s epic presidential defeat, launched into a scathing attack on Trump and the “meanness” she says he’s encouraged on social media.

Clinton told the paper that she used to “ignore” the president and others who engage in name-calling on social media, but now she keeps a close eye on the tenor of her reply column.

“I’ve come to feel differently, because I think that the way that our president and many people around him have not only mainstreamed hate, but mainlined it, is so deeply dangerous,” Chelsea said, claiming that because of Trump’s abrasiveness, children are now being bullied in record numbers.

Clinton then suggested that people who use “abrasive” language “shouldn’t be able” to run for president.

“We have freedom of speech, which I do think is hugely important — and yet people thought you couldn’t dispute hateful things, because they’re like — well, it’s freedom of speech. Well, freedom of speech doesn’t mean there is freedom of consequences,” Clinton said.

“Sure, you should not be in prison because you said something racist,” she continued. “But you also shouldn’t be able to run for president. And yet here we are.”

Clinton wrapped up by suggesting that she would be part of protests she expects to happen in the United Kingdom, because the “tolerant” and professional thing for a former First Daughter to do, apparently, is to protest the American Commander-in-Chief on foreign soil.

She will join the demonstrations, specifically “because I don’t agree with what he’s doing to degrade what it means to be an American.”

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