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Cenk Uygur: Christianity Was Responsible For The Holocaust

Cenk Uygur, co-founder of The Young Turks, appeared on a counter-extremism panel this week in Europe and promptly claimed Christianity was responsible for the Holocaust.

Uygur was responding to Muslim Reform Movement leader Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who was harshly critical of “the conflation of extremism by fascist groups in the West, white supremacists, whatever they might be, with Islamist extremism, just because they use the same tactic,” calling such a conflation “ahistoric … to say Islamist extremism is all the same thing is absurd, because it, in a way, negates the harm of governments that are running hundreds of millions of people across the planet.” He named the governments of Iran, Pakistan, the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia, the AKP in Turkey, among others.

He added, “If you conflate that with the hyper-nationalists in the West, because they use the same tactic, you are going to avoid and actually anesthetize Muslims to the solution that we need globally, which is the overthrow of the regimes.”

Uygur couldn’t hold his temper, flaring:

There’s another problem that arises from your line of thought, which is first of all, factually I think you’re incorrect. You talk about Islam needs reformation and it’s a standard talking point that I hear, and “Oh, it’s five hundred years behind.” Well, no, Islam was, in many respects, in earlier empires, ahead of Europe, so it’s not a simple matter of a timeline. And people make it seem like Christianity is hunky dory and wonderful reformation. Holocaust was what, 70 years ago? It seems like Christianity was monstrous just 70 years ago, way worse than Islam has ever been, than any religion has ever been.

If you took your point of view, in 1942, you would say, “The Christians are the worst; the Christianists are the ones destroying the world. We must reform Christianity, which is so barbaric that it has just killed 13 million people. These Christians are the problem.”

As Jordan Schachtel of Conservative Review pointed out, “Uygur didn’t mention that Hitler came to despise Christianity in favor of his eugenicist worldview. Historians have documented that Hitler viewed both Catholics and Protestants with disdain and sought to replace Christianity with what some refer to as the ‘Reich Church.’”

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