Carrie Underwood’s ‘Date Night’ Includes Shooting A Few Rounds In A Mini Skirt

"When [Carrie Underwood] wants to practice as part of our date night you never say no."

Carrie Underwood attends the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards on March 07, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Country singer Carrie Underwood worked on her aim during a date night with husband Mike Fisher last week.

The married couple, particularly Fisher, have been somewhat open about their conservative and Christian leanings in the past.

“When [Carrie Underwood] wants to practice as part of our date night you never say no,” Fisher captioned a video of his wife taking a few shots, adding a smiley face and the hashtag #sharpshooter.

The mother of two is wearing heeled boots and a black mini skirt in the video.

Underwood was shown some love from Fisher’s followers.

“Poplitics” host Alex Clark commented, “Girls just wanna have guns 😍😍😍🔥🔥.”

One person commented, “A Republican at work! 🇺🇸,” and another remark said, “Makes me love her even more #girlpower.”

“This woman does EVERYTHING,” a comment said, “what a queen.”


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Notably, Underwood in August 2021 caught the ire of liberals when she “liked” a video post of conservative Daily Wire host and author Matt Walsh criticizing a Nashville school board mandating masks for young children.

“You in the school board have decided that our kids should go to school all day every day wearing muzzles like rabid dogs,” Walsh said in the video post “liked” by the “American Idol” winner. “I have listened to your arguments and I’ve noticed that they’re missing a few things, namely evidence, data, science, common sense and basic human decency.”

“If you think I’m exaggerating, then how would you respond to a parent who forced his kid to wear a football helmet every day, all day, for fear of falling coconuts and meteors?” Walsh continued. “You would say to that parent that he is abusive, that he is forcing his kid to participate in this utterly insane charade in order to satisfy his delusional psychotic hypochondria … You do it to make yourselves feel better and to protect yourselves politically. The child’s mask is a symbolic security blanket for you, not them. It’s a disgrace and you should all be ashamed.”

Her husband, retired hockey player Mike Fisher, has been far more open about his views.

Back in May, Fisher slammed the lack of security at schools across the nation following a devastating school shooting in Texas. The typical celebrity response is to demand a crackdown on gun rights for law abiding citizens.

“AMERICAN politicians gave $40 BILLION to politicians in UKRAINE last week,” Fisher railed. “Some of that $ was used to pay Ukrainian politicians. Now imagine if we used that $40 BILLION for security at our schools instead. It’s obvious which expense would more positively impact American citizens.”

Moreover, Fisher opened up about his faith to The Daily Wire in June 2021.

“I’m there with them (his two sons) all the time and that’s part of my calling for sure — raising boys in a Godly home,” he said, adding, “That’s my number one goal at home. Obviously being a good husband — supporting my wife and loving her well — but my mom and dad are great examples of a Godly home. Not perfect —nor am I going to be perfect — but my goal is to show my boys a real relationship with Jesus every day.”

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