‘I Want To Point Them To Jesus’: NHL Star Mike Fisher Talks Parenthood, Politics And Life After Hockey
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Let’s give Mike Fisher some credit — he’s not just Carrie Underwood’s husband. 

The 18-year NHL veteran known for his leadership and tenacity on the ice — long before his relationships off it — stopped by the Daily Wire ahead of his appearance on the latest episode of Candace, to discuss his legendary hockey career, becoming an American, and yes, his marriage to America’s country music sweetheart.

Fisher was drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the second round of the 1998 NHL Entry Draft, and played in two Stanley Cup Finals — with the Senators in 2007 and the Nashville Predators in 2017. He was a captain for the Predators Stanley Cup run before retiring in 2018, and has since started his own company “Catchin’ Deers,” while helping to raise two young boys. 

As with any retired professional athlete, the transition away from the game hasn’t been easy, but with his business, hobbies and his wife’s rockstar schedule, he’s settling into retired life nicely. 

“It’s all I’ve ever done since I was a kid, so there’s an adjustment. Having young boys at home helps, because I’m there with them all the time and that’s part of my calling for sure — raising boys in a Godly home,” Fisher told The Daily Wire. “I also love to hunt and fish and the outdoors. My wife’s schedule is so busy that we got lots going on and I need to carry my weight. So, having those other passions helps.”

“I know guys [athletes] struggle, and obviously faith helps too because my identity is something different than just sport, but it’s still a transition.”

Fisher says he went through a time when his faith didn’t play a major role in his life, but as he raises two boys, it’s become his sole focus. 

“That’s my number one goal at home. Obviously being a good husband — supporting my wife and loving her well — but my mom and dad are great examples of a Godly home,” Fisher said. “Not perfect —nor am I going to be perfect — but my goal is to show my boys a real relationship with Jesus every day.”

“I went through tough times in my life where hockey took over,” he continued. “That was basically my religion. And then I got to the NHL in a few years and money and all those things that come along with it, they don’t satisfy. And so I’ve kind of tried that way and it never works and you’re unfulfilled. And I want [my boys] to have a real relationship with The Lord. And that’s why we’re here, and that’s where we find true peace, and that’s what I’m trying to instill in my boys. And even though our journeys are all ups and downs, I want to be a good leader for them and point them to Jesus.”

Everything revolves around family for Fisher, including his politics. As the years since his playing days become part of the distant past, he finds himself more involved in politics as he thinks of the future for his family. That wasn’t always the case, though. According to Fisher, politics aren’t all that prevalent in the hockey locker room, and the sport — unlike many others — has mostly stayed out of the political world.

“I remember when Trump was running where politics became kind of more in the locker room,” Fisher said. “The thing is we have a lot of Canadians — there’s some Americans — but a lot of Europeans too that don’t really understand. They don’t understand politics as much — nor do they probably care as much — but the longer you’re here … I’m more passionate about politics since I retired, just because the longer you’re down here and you have kids and it’s like, what do I want my kids to grow up in America? What’s that gonna look like?” 

And even though politics did eventually penetrate the sacred locker room off the ice, Fisher would prefer that politics and sports stay separate. 

“As far as the major sports, hockey stayed out of it for the most part, which is good. You look at the other sports and it just ruins it for me. In Canada, we never talked about politics at all. It’s just different in Canada,” Fisher said. “Then you come to the States and you’re inundated with news, and now social media has brought more attention. But I remember, after a game when Donald Trump won the election, I would say a majority of the room was happy.” 

“Sports in general is a great unifier. It’s gonna unite people around a cause that they can all pull behind and get away from politics that we’re all inundated with — good and bad.”

Joe Morgan is the Sports Reporter for The Daily Wire. Most recently, Morgan covered the Clippers, Lakers and the NBA for Sporting News. Send your sports questions to [email protected].

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