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Candace Owens Took On Afghanistan, The California Recall, And Big Tech This Week. Here’s How You Can Watch.
Daniel Brown

The Daily Wire is airing a new episode of “Candace,” hosted by conservative firebrand Candace Owens, this Tuesday.

The episode will be available for Daily Wire subscribers to watch at 9 p.m. EST on The episode, which takes on the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the decline of western civilization, and even seven-time dad Nick Cannon, will feature appearances by Daily Wire host Michael Knowles and commentator Brandon Tatum, an exclusive interview with Republican candidate for California governor Larry Elder, and multi-platinum country recording artist Collin Raye.

Owens opens the show discussing the topic that’s dominating headlines: President Joe Biden’s shocking debacle in Kabul.

Candace takes viewers through the history of American involvement in Afghanistan and how the world responded in the wake of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks. Are Americans safer and freer after the weekend’s events? Are we more respected on the world stage, even as thousands of Americans are stranded in Afghanistan? Candace discusses whether 42 years of American involvement in Afghanistan — and trillions of dollars in investment — was worth it.

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In a panel discussion with commentators Michael Knowles and Brandon Tatum, Candace again takes on Afghanistan, taking Knowles and Tatum’s thoughts on the aftermath of 9/11 and the “Bush doctrine” that saw us work to spread “democracy” across the globe.

Even as we discuss the promise of freedom abroad, the panel takes on whether we’re still experiencing true freedom at home. The pandemic brought increased restrictions, and our government at home is more oppressive now, perhaps than it has ever been. The group calls out the Biden Admin and Jen Psaki for their silence and lack of leadership, and they call out Big Tech for silencing former President Donald Trump as a “threat” but not the Taliban’s leaders, who are speaking freely on Twitter. 

The panel then takes on Western Civilization: how does Nick Cannon fit into the decline of the American ideal? What’s left of the American family unit that once formed the foundation of American society — and is there any way back for America from…twerking on a turtle?

Owens marks this week’s episode with an incredible, exclusive interview with conservative scholar — and Candace’s personal hero — Larry Elder, who is the frontrunner to replace California governor Gavin Newsom if California voters elect to recall Newsom over his hapless handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Newsom is most definitely running scared — he’s even been mentioning Elder by name — and he and Candace discuss what he’ll be able to do to help Californianians handle the sky-high price of housing, homelessness, COVID mandates, the failures of the education system, illegal immigration, the outdated electrical grid, and a host of other problems and broken promises.

Finally, multi-platinum country recording artist Collin Raye gives a stellar performance of his hit song, “That’s My Story,” and he and Candace discuss why he chose to defy COVID-19 lockdowns to be closer to his fans.

Daily Wire subscribers can access the new episode of “Candace” Tuesday night at 9 pm. Daily Wire fans can access exclusive content like “Candace” by becoming a subscriber.

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