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Canada Is Having A Really Tough Time With Illegal Immigration

For the last 14 months, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that Canada would willingly accept the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but blocked from fleeing to the United States by the Trump Administration, Canada has seen a record influx of illegal immigrants — and they’re starting to realize why the U.S. is considering closing off its borders.

According to Reuters, Canada’s refugee system is now in “turmoil” as more than 20,000 illegal immigrants have jumped the U.S. border into Canada, “including thousands of Haitians and Nigerians and hundreds of Turks, Syrians and Eritreans” who are trying to avoid having to navigate Trump’s immigration system.

Canada simply wasn’t prepared, Reuters says. They have always had a steady flow of immigrants, but up until these last 14 months, Canada has had the luxury of being extremely selective in which refugees they take. Their system for processing immigrants is difficult to navigate; it can take years to push through the required paperwork, and border-jumpers seeking asylum must have something of value to offer Canada just to be considered for permanent residency.

Now, the Canadian border patrol is begging for more money, and Canada has allocated an additional $150 million to step up security at most of its border crossings. They’ve also had to hire additional security screeners and personnel due to background checks on refugee applications, out of fear that quickly processing immigrants could mean terrorists or other undesirables might slip through the cracks.

Looks like Trudeau’s Twitter is coming back to haunt him.