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California Bans School District Employees From Concealed Carry

On Saturday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 424, preventing school administrators from allowing employees with concealed weapon permits to bring guns on campus.

Last year, school district superintendents were given the power to decide if employees could bring concealed weapons onto campuses, prompting five California school districts to issue authorizations for some school employees to bring guns on campuses, according to Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D- Sacramento), who created AB 424.

AB 424 states, “This bill would delete the authority of a school district superintendent, his or her designee, or equivalent school authority to provide written permission for a person to possess a firearm within a school zone.”

The National Rifle Assn. and the Firearms Policy Coalition protested the decision, writing California legislators, “The constitutional right to bear arms is based on the fundamental human right to self-defense. AB 424 undermines these very important principles based on little more than a whim.”

Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, asserted, “The Legislature and Governor Brown have made sure that no good people with guns will be close enough to stop an evil or insane person in the event of a serious attack.”